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Picking at your sutures like you do,
That particular kind of torture that always soothes.
And I can tell you want to mean it now,
You just don't know how.

Putting on your makeup for the show,
You play the lightening rod,
Who am I playing?
I don't know, I just don't know and I don't care,
After all it's just you and your madness sitting there.

Rifle through your papers it must be here,
You know you wrote it down when it was clear.
And I can tell you really knew it then,
It was better when,
It was just you and your madness as your only friend.

From far away you probably think you'll see it through,
But it's just you and your madness,
Running away with you.

You've perfectly deflected the assault.
You find this stuff amusing?
You should laugh, it's your fault.
But I don't think you know that it's not fair,
Think you're not aware,
That it's just you and your madness sitting there.


from The Fellows are Opening for Jon and Ken, released July 22, 2014




The Calculus Affair Seattle, Washington

The Calculus Affair is what happens when a Seattle-based singer songwriter learns folk guitar and then spends his formative years listening to XTC.

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